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Dallas Worker Bee Posted At 22:01:34 08/09/2000
I intend to totally destroy the company that screwed me over. I expect to acomplish this by filing Federal charges under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act , for starters, against the Company, the President of the Company (as an individual), and the Supervisor (also as an individual) as provided by the respective Acts.

After that, then we'll go do it all over again in civil court, as also provided by both of the Acts.

I expect this will put the company back into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, which they are still under, but have just recently submitted their fourth reorganization plan (the other three were rejected by the court.) I think if the stockholders haven't learned their collective lessons yet, they will the second time around, about with whom they trust their money.

After that, I'm going to see about going after the company president's law license, and will point out to my former supervisor's parole officer, that he can't pass a pee test.
(He's on parole for manufacture of methamphetamines).

Does that sound like whining to you?

I point out that the entire US Code is accessible online.
Rick S Re: Gee, Rick................ (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:09:20 08/10/2000

Please read the new statement written on 8-10-00 by Rick S

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