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Injured Workers' Alliance provides an enormous amount of information at this Website to help workers get through the workers' compensation system as best as possible. Our forums alone have thousands of posts.
Critical advice for injured workers
Keep a detailed log of everything that happens
Read 18 More Protection Measures
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For injuries that are not minor we recommend hiring an attorney specializing in workers compensation. Get at least two free consultations before hiring one. Sorry, IWA does not provide referrals.
How to Choose a Lawyer
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Attorney's to Avoid
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Preparing To Meet With A Workers' Comp Lawyer
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imeTo be blunt, when an insurance co. or employer send you to an IME their goal is to reduce or eliminate costs related to your injury. IME's typically take place before a claim denial or closure.

An insurer attorney in the state conducted IME Study said, "This is solely for denial support. The Oregon Workers Compensation System protects very few of Oregon's' injured workers and all of Oregon's employers. It is a total disgrace."

In the 2005 legislative session, first-ever reforms were enacted to improve Oregon's IME process.
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Worker-Requested Medical Examination
Few workers injured on the job utilize these exams and that's very unfortunate. SB 485 (2001) allows a state-initiated exam when a claim was denied on a past insurer medical exam.
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Although it refers to motor vehicle accidents, conditions are the same.
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Independent Medical Examinations
Attorney Pitts says some physicians who perform independent medical examinations make this service a large part of their practice and states, "Their bias for the defense is notorious."
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Yes Virginia, There Are Medical Whores
They say among other things, "It is an unfortunate fact of life that medical whores exist, and in alarming abundance."
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Doctors for Sale
This expose was published by Willamette Week in 1996 but most of the independent medical examiners and IME shops are still around. A must read!
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Employers Face RICO Claims For Workers Comp Denials
The 6th Circuit Court ruled that employers who scheme with insurance carriers and/or IMEs to wrongfully deny workers compensation benefits can be sued under RICO.
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You can usually choose your own doctor. Avoid doctors suggested by an employer or insurer since they routinely act against the best interests of the injured.
Can You Choose Your Own Doctor?
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Injured Workers' Alliance (IWA) was formed in 1998. We're injured workers, their families and friends, and other concerned Oregonians. We're unpaid volunteers. We were not organized by, and are not influenced or operated by, any law firm or other business entity, nor by government. We advocate solely for you and strive to improve the lives of every Oregon worker since anyone can be injured at work in a moment's time.

We were forced to mobilize in response to the mistreatment of thousands of hard-working people like you. Moderately to severely injured workers, in large numbers, do not receive needed medical treatment, such as surgery and physical therapy, in a timely manner. Many receive no treatment whatsoever. This situation has caused a worsening of injuries and created permanent, lifelong pain and misery. Families are literately being destroyed.

By law, IWA cannot provide legal advice. Due to a shortage of volunteers, we're unable to assist Oregon workers one-on-one. Instead, we focus on efforts to help thousands at one time. We also provide an "enormous" amount of information here to help workers get through the workers comp system as best as possible. We empower workers with knowledge. [ read more ]
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Ombudsman for Injured Workers Oregon Workers' Compensation Division
Bureau of Labor and Industries (Oregon BOLI) Social Security Advisory Service
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workers comp lawyer   A Guide for Workers Recently Hurt on the Job
This is a must-read guide for workers hurt on the job whether an injury is recent or occurred years ago. Learn what you should do to protect your rights.
lawyer worker comp   Claim closure and beyond
Get information about the workers compensation process including claim closure, appeal rights, return to work rights, permanent partial disability, who to contact when issues arise, and more.
attorney workers compensation What happens if I'm hurt on the job? - 2MB in size
A guide to Oregon’s workers’ compensation benefits, rights, and responsibilities.
workers comp settlement Oregon Workers' Compensation terms
Terms become obsolete and definitions change (and vary state-to-state) so always check another source before relying on these terms.
worker compensation settlements Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)
These are rules and regulations having the force of law. Oregon Revised Statutes define them as "any agency directive, standard, regulation or statement of general applicability that implements, interprets or prescribes law or policy, or describes the procedure or practice requirements of any agency".
oregon workers compensation board What is Ergonomics?
Learn its purpose in the workplace and about the repeal of OSHA's Ergonomics Standard. Links provided to Ergonomics Web sites.
icon Repetitive stress injuries fall through legal gaps
Developing federal workplace guidelines are strictly voluntary.
The Oregonian, August 17, 2006
workers compensation oregon Oregon workers comp rates among nation's lowest
Oregon continues to rank among the least expensive states with the 13th lowest cost. While Oregon's rank was 84% of the nation's medium, California was 155% and Washington 112%. Employers continue to profit at the expense of workers' health and welfare.
worker s comp AIG defrauds Oregon's injured workers and state
Regulators imposed $5 million in fines against American International Group for mishandling WC claims and failing to accurately report premium and claims data.
workers comp claim Bias against disabled seen
A letter from IWA published in the Oregonian about Social Security Disability Insurance and the examiners used for it and workers' compensation to deny claims.
worker comp insurance Internet Access Vital For Those With Chronic Disease
Only 62 percent of adults living with chronic disease go online, compared with 81 percent of adults with no chronic diseases, according to a new report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
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