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Injured at Work

Government Programs to Assist Oregon's Injured Workers

The Oregon Ombudsman for Injured Workers

Toll-free in Oregon: 800-927-1271 •  503-378-3351 •  Text-display telephone: 503-378-4100

The ombudsman's office helps injured workers dealing with the workers' compensation system. They can also inform you of assistance programs administered by the state.

Oregon Prescription Drug Program

Save money on prescriptions with an OPDP discount card - FREE to enroll - ALL Oregonians can join - Save up to 50% on generics - No paperwork, no age or income limit - Only takes a minute to enroll.

Oregon's Preferred Worker Program (PWP)

This program assists with re-employment of qualified injured workers who are not able to return to their regular employment. The worker must have a disabling compensable injury or disease that brought about a permanent disability. Among other things, an employer who hires a preferred worker receives a 50 percent wage reimbursement for six months, items a worker is required to purchase for a job are provided at no cost, .and worksite modifications are provided for the worker.

Toll-free in Oregon: 800-445-3948  •  Brochure  • Details

Job Match

Their Website says, "Job Match is a tool for employers and preferred workers to find each other. Employers and preferred workers are not screened by WCD. It's up to the employer and preferred worker to determine if the job and worker are a good fit." Details and Listings

NOSSCR: Social Security Disability

They state, "An individual can file a claim for Social Security disability benefits while receiving worker's compensation benefits. It is best to file the Social Security disability claim as soon as possible because otherwise there may be a gap between the time the worker's compensation ends and the Social Security disability benefits begin."

Oregon Health Plan

Difficult to qualify due to state budget restraints but there's no harm in trying.

Oregon Home Energy Assistance Programs

The Oregon Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program can help you pay winter heating bills and medically necessary summer cooling bills. Click here for details.

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