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Injured at Work

Related Worker Organizations

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The following are groups who defend the rights of workers, injured or otherwise. Other groups that relate more to medical issues are in our Medical Links page. Please keep in mind when viewing the following sites that worker's compensation laws vary greatly state-to-state withOregon'sbeing one of the most anti-worker.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Don't let the name mislead you, this website is for injured workers, not insurance companies. They provide state-by-state links and other great resources. Visit their Injured Workers Forum here.


National Organization of Injured Workers

NOIW aids, assists, educates, informs and empowers injured workers around the U.S. to better understand how to navigate through an ever complicated Workers' Compensation system and not become victims of overzealous insurance carriers and their investigators.


Bill Hammel's Home Page

This is a mega-site for information on insurance company & Independent Medical Exam fraud. They provide many links to other related Web sites. Pages in this site include:

Canadian Injured Workers Alliance

CIWA is a national network of injured workers groups. We exist to support and strengthen the work of local, provincial, and territorial injured workers groups by providing a forum for exchanging information and sharing experiences.


American Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO)

This is one of the largest unions in the U.S. and have fought to protect workers' rights for generations. Start in their Ergonomics link and also go to Public Documents/Search AFL-CIO News Archives, and then type in Workers Compensation. Their section on workers' compensation is here.


The Northwest Labor Press

Serving more than 120 union organizations in Oregon and Washington, the Northwest Labor Press is the official publication of the Oregon AFL-CIO. This well written newspaper has published thousands of articles since 1900 relating to workplace issues and several on OSHA and specifically the Oregon Workers' Compensation System. They also have a detailed Web site past issues page.


Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD)

We the people and our federal and state officials have long been giving giant business corporations illegitimate authority. As a result, a minority directing giant corporations privileged by illegitimate authority and backed by police, courts, and the military, define the public good, deny people our human and constitutional rights, dictate to our communities, and govern the earth.

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