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Posted by E-Mailed in from Bruce on February 17, 1999 at 19:55:10:

1) Log everything. It is a full time job as it is but DO IT! Everything...
2) Advocate for yourself. Learn as much as you can about your WC system and start as if you are preparing the case. Doing some of the work for your attorney will be a blessing knowing what you are in for.
3) If any Dr. or anyone defies your understanding that you do, in fact, have an injury or disability, fire them immediately*!
4) If family feels your are malingering, get some distance. Look for truly supportive people.
5) Find treating Dr.'s and stick with them no matter what. They must be open-minded.
6) File for Social Security Disability Insurance as soon as possible. Even if you are denied, you have a claim on file and can keep on trying. You will get it eventually.
7) Get your State Disability Insurance money as soon as WC insurance terminates your benefits. It's *your* money.
8) Find at least one person to advocate for you in case you cannot. This person shall go to attorney meetings, Dr. evaluations, anything else and also be supportive in those times of duress and distress. having someone a phone call away is very important.
9) Take care of your self psychologically and biologically. Get to a therapist even if you feel you do not need one. Shop for one. Get to a nutritionist or the like and have your eating habits and nutritonal intake adjusted to compensate for the additional energy you body needs to deal with the condition plus the legal and social services stuff.
10) Get a lover. Sensuality soothes painful conditions. Touch is very important and the act of feeling love brings assurance and maintains the ego and libido much needed to ward of deep depression.
11) Find a new hobby.
12) Develop a lifestyle change to accomodate your new needs and abilities. Reflect on those things that you have always been good at without the activity you are not afforded at this time. This will be your saving grace.
13) Learn how to meditate. Learn Chi Kung, Yoga or Tai Chi that suits you. Swim or water therapy. You will need to exercise so as not to atrophy more than you have already.
14) Take some community college classes. Expand you
awareness and peace of mind.

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