A Billion Dollar Salmon Plan

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Posted by Tom L on June 28, 1999 at 20:29:07:

Today on KGW news channel 8 I say a short story about a
billion dollar salmon plan being proposed to save the Salmon
population in Oregon. Boy I would bet that our Fish Governor
is jumping for joy. This is stupid and a waist of funds.
It is not right that when a worker in this state is injured
and the W/C carrier denys your claim, You have to hire an attorney
which costs money that we don't have just to ensure what few rights that we have
left. Maybe some of this money could go to upgrading Portlands
rain water run-off system and stop dumping millions of gallons
of raw sewage into the rivers. Or set-up an attorney
retainer fund to fight this stupid system.
Do you want to know why the salmon population has decreased
in Oregon it is because their are two many "Baby Ruths"
in the rivers, Too many obstacles for the salmon to dodge.
We need the money more than the salmon do.
Did a salmon help you to win a denied calim today.
I am sick of hearing about the SALMON CRISIS. Aren't you

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