Is there anyone out there Who knows something other than their opinion about Mr. Ed?

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Posted by Miss T on August 04, 1999 at 02:01:45:

I left a message this site when I discovered it a couple of days ago. Every time I look for some response and possibly someone with a glimpse of hope, I find more slams/comments at/from Mr. Ed.
In viewing the history, that seems to be the bulk of the conversation out there. I was hoping there was more to this than that!
I do not know about you guys but I do not have time to mess around with this Workman's Comp stuff. It has already consumed waaayyyyyy tooooo much of my life. I am beginning to wonder if there is any chance that I will have a normal life again.
I was injured in Nov 1997. I have been off work a total of about six weeks since then. There was a point in time where I was going to therapy six days a week and working 32+ hours a week. I am currently in therapy 3 times a week and that seems simple by comparison.
Nine months after my injury, I accepted a job with a different company. I left my 48 hour a week job (because it was more physical and caused my shoulder to flare up) and went to work for the same hourly wage at a desk 32 hours per week. I thought this would give my shoulder time to heal. I did not quit my old job though.
I had planned on working there a few hours a week - as I was able. Unfortunately, I have picked up very few hours because my shoulder can not handle the stress of the original position. Consequently, my income has decreased by about $1,000 a month and I am beginning to doubt that I can ever work in the capacity that I did prior to my injury. I also have an increase in expenses since my injury and am having to pay to have my lawn mowed. etc.
WC continues to pay for my therapy. They will not reimburse me for the expenses that I have paid for help around the house. They could care less about my lack of income because I am working for the same hourly wage.

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