I'm wondering where I stated PWP was part of SAIF

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Posted by Marty on October 12, 1999 at 17:37:46:

In Reply to: Re: 80 million to employers & the Oregon Prefered Worker Program posted by Dan Gammon, reemployment consultant for Preferred Worker Program (PWP) on September 29, 1999 at 13:14:17:

I assume you're talking about another message and not mine which you replied to.
Dan, I aggree with Tom that we have gratitude and the upmost respect for state employees in the Work Comp Division for their work on behalf of injured workers. The simple fact is that every program that's there to help the worker get back to a normal & productive has been corrupted by the politicians and the management personel in various departments who are looking out for advancement and $$$$ in their occupation with absoulutely no regard the the 1000's of lives they destroy during their shameless pursuit.
The laws and administrative statutes passed since 1990 have deliberately been designed to benefit employers and the insurance industry at great harm to Oregon workers. At the root of the problem is the election process that literally keeps the decent, caring, good people from having any chance to win political office due to the gross fund raising required. Most of those self-made you can BUY political office got their wealth from business so their loyaltys are already against the common man.
It's fine & dandy for a Terapin or BurtEd to blame the voters for these politicians who've prostituted themselves out and routinely act against the best interest and will of the people but lets face it "money buys elections."

You asked us to provide you employers names who get away with no or little punishment even though they hire and fire workers regularly in the PWP every six months or so when the almost free labor dries up, tell us about this habitual offender.

Southern Oregon Flagging Co.

Again, thank you Dan and all the other non upper management of DCBS.

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