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Posted by Kay Abel on November 14, 1999 at 22:03:03:

Hello My Friends, If you haven't read the Oregonians editorial about the Smother's case in Sat. edition, 11-13-99 on the editorial page with the letters to the editor, get a copy and write letters to the editor. I sent one today but don't expect them to print it. If they don't I'll send it to other newspapers. We have the momentum so keep the pressure on. The figures I've heard on fraudulent workers claims is 3-5%. Can we confirm those with documentation? I sent out e-mails to every t.v. station in the state and didn't get a single reply. Oregon is in darkness but it can't last much longer. The conciousness about the plight of injured workers is rising. My son and I are starting a web site on injured worker issues. We will have links to Workplace injured and any others we come across. Keep the faith. Together we can change the system. God Bless, Kay

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