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Webmaster Posted At 12:27:03 12/14/2000
If feel that I have to remind everyone here that this forum is to be used for Workers' comp realted issues. If you would like to discuss these issues please use the chatroom or Oregonlive's forum.

As webmaster I reserve the right to edit or delete such postings.
Deana Workmans Comp in GA should I settle (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:05:07 03/08/2001

I had an OTJ injury and subsequent surgery. I do not have a lawyer. This happened in 1997. I have been receiving weekly checks of 2/3 of my original check. WC now wants to settle with me. My surgery was to place 2 titanium rods in my back to stabalize my spine. I also have SI joint damage and have received injections by an anthesthesiologist. I could face future surgery but right now my docs aren't sure. I have been told not to bend twist or lift. I did try to go back to work last year but couldn't hack it. I was given a job that was 55 miles from where my original job was. I resigned last year. So here I am still disabled. What should I do. They offered me 25,000 but I said no way. I can't sit for long periods of time so a full time job is out of the question. I need answers soon. What is an injury like this worth. My past medical bills are around 75,000. Thanks for all your help. Please email me if possible.
bluestooges Re: Workers comp forum (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:42:55 03/31/2001

I to got hurt at work almost 5 yrs ago. I had 2 back operations ( spinal fusion with rods, cages and screws)I am left with iliac joint chronic pain and depression. Im on pain pills to get by and have a spinal internal tens unit implant. I also am in a negotiation for a settlement. Am total and permanent disabled and only 43. Aas far as the w/c is concerned it isnt worth much. Just enough so you can pay for the pills for the next 20 yrs and hope no further complications that i will have to pay in the future. It really stinks.Living in florida with no rights. Email me at if you have any info useful. will be accepting emails till april 3 01 then i have to decide

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