It can't be true

Author Subject: It can't be true
Amazed Posted At 14:21:45 01/13/2001
There can't be this many people trying to get their employer to pay for their injuries.

What ever happened to personal responsibility?

I am appalled.
OK DO YOU KNOW Re: It can't be true (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:49:30 01/13/2001

That if you are a happy worker and do all that your work place tells you to, and you over work one side with out knowing it can basically take your muscles away. Appalled, I will tell you appalled, did you know that there are several disease that are related to this over worked happy employee?
If you seem to be un-educated about the situation of how long it has been
since OSHA has known about muscles skelitor diseases, and how the company that you work for was left up to them weather or not to tell you about this disease for the last 10 years. You want to talk about personal responsabilties then start there!!! And start with the people that have known about all of this and start wondering why your tax dollars are paying for these injuries instead the right party and then also start thinking about how YOURS MINE AND EVERYONE ELSE'S HUMAN RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED, because they choose not to tell you about the health issues that are logged and repeatedly logged time after time. Gee that is almost like a licence to kill. So if you want to know anything, then start reading and get your head out of the sand, at least I will say something for you, I will pray for you.
No name. Re: It can't be true (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:08:37 01/13/2001

You turns coming. Cause you judged everyone else!!!!!!
LP Re: It can't be true (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:10:19 01/13/2001

You OBVIOUSLY are an *employer*, and have never been exposed to the horrendous working conditions *commom* laborers are. If you aren't the above mentioned, why would YOU bother to post such a message??? Judge not...lest Ye be judged. I will ALSO pray for you in hopes of becoming *educated* instead of remaining *ignorant*. LP
watch out Re: It can't be true (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:13:09 01/14/2001

what you say or do to someone else comes back on you three times. May you get what you deserve.

Not to mention where does personal responsibility lie when someone else's carelessness is the cause of your injury????????? They are still working and I'm not, they can do everything in life they desire I can't, should I sue the person or the supervisor that carelessly watched all day? Ingnorance is a poor quality, you got a double dose of it!

What is appalling is that you think that you are above being hurt at your workplace, did you know that 1 in 4 people will be hurt at work? And you are so sure your not the one huh? so was I....Reality Bites!

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