DEE Posted At 12:37:40 01/20/2001
I am perm/total disabled and in constant pain anyway without any extra help.
Can workmans comp. force me to go to the same IME doctor that hurt me during my last evaluation? (ignoring my pleas for mercy). I complained about the doctor to both the w/c adjuster and the investegator, (who told me that doctor had complains previously that were investigated and nothing was proven)
I had to have an MRI to my lower back after this doctor EXAMINED me and it showed 3 buldging discs now, and put me back down in bed for months. Now no other doctors will touch me (afraid of lawsuit?.....but what happened to HYPOCRITIC OATH to help and not cause harm?-YES,THE SPELLING IS ON PURPOSE!)
(w/c paid for the MRI without a fight this time! Imagine that!)
I know if you refuse anything it's grounds for termination from w/c. I'm terrified that they will make me go to the same doctor when it's time for my next IME. Is there anything I can do if they order me to go to this same doctor? Can I walk out on a doctor that is hurting me? I'M TERRIFIED! ANY SUGGESTIONS?
Take a reletive Re: TERRIFIED OF SAME IME DOCTOR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:54:33 01/20/2001

Take a relative like your Husband or a Parent, it is important that you be sure which you are allowed with you during your exam. In other words, don't take a friend.

In some cases you can record your examination, but it depends on what state you live in and you must tell them of your intent to record the exam and have your rights as a injured worker close. Better yet get some advise from you attorney he should be up on all your states comp. rights.

And maybe talk to your doctor and maybe he can examine you before and after your exam, if anything just talk to him and see what he also recommends. Good Luck!
jimchudy Re: TERRIFIED OF SAME IME DOCTOR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:12:47 01/20/2001

You should see another doctor foe another IME. There is a rotaioon they go
through. You should be able to object if the same doctor gets selected
for the next IME, and with just cause (Impartial evaulation because of
prior IME) you should be able to have it changed. I once objected to an IME
doctor because he was a doctor I terminated, and after requesting a
different doctor, I was reassigned to another one. An IME is suppose to be
a independent evaulation. If you have past experience with a doctor I
believe you can make this request. I am not an attorney, but this worked
for me.

DEE Re: TERRIFIED OF SAME IME DOCTOR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:42:30 01/24/2001

Thanks for the advice. That make sence on both. I'm relieved with the realization that it is an INDEPENDANT med.exam,and shouldn't be preformed by a Doctor I have past experience with.
I have no one but friends to go with me,but the recording idea is good. I'm having a problem finding a Doctor that will touch me now, so a before and after exam would be a problem. (I'm fairly new to FL. and the Dr's here don't like to take out of state W/C anyway, let alone with another Dr. hurting you) But I have a great deal of documentation in MRI's and a medical file about 4 inches thick. (Of course that didn't stop this IME Doctor.)
I will have to check with a lawyer about my rights in this state, AND the state I came from. It can really complicate things when you move to another state.
At least I'm releaved about THAT Dr.,and have somewhere to look for further info. THANKS AGAIN
Peter I Re: TERRIFIED OF SAME IME DOCTOR (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:03:40 01/25/2001

I agree with the person that said "Take a relative". I took my wife in with me on a second visit into a work comp Dr's examination and it made all the difference. I was treated with respect, not like the first time when I went in by myself. I was yelled at and my integritty was questioned.
Don't let the SOB's intimidate you. You have rights!
Posted At 16:22:53 03/05/2001


Sounds like you went thru the same thing or doctor I did, do you live in Maryland by chance??? Anyway I have 2 torn shoulders from a slip & fall, and the W>C> doctor asked me to put my arms over my head which I tried and I couldn't. So he asked me again, and I tried but couldn't, so he put his hands on my elbows and said PUT YOUR HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD, PUSHING AND I WAS TRYING AND HE KEPT PUSHING YELLING NOT BACKWARDS, NOT FORWARDS OVER YOUR HEAD, I CRIED AND CRIED,. With both shoulders torn , and with him pushing and pushing my arms stilll did not go over my head, but I know he ripped my shoulders more, he didn't say he was sorry, nor did he say this in his written report, but I have wrote every and anyone who will help me, after my trail is over, I plan on busting this doctor for filing a false claim, torture, wrongful dishcharge, abuse & neglect, he said I could go to any occupation any, F>T>, with no/restrictions. I have from the fall, 2 torn shoulders w/cuff damage, C-3,4,5,6 protruding discs w/impingment on my spinal cord T11,12L,1,2,3,4 scoliosis concaved, my spinal cord is caving in effecting my breathing walking, I can't get out of bed, or do anything, without my back feeling like it is going to puncture my rips. This doctor will pay and if someone will not help me I will go to the president and find out why they are not doing there JOB!!!!!

I have heard so much about the WC> doctor actually hurting the person more than they did before they went to see the doc5tor, this is sick and disgreaceful, and if he lies on your written report, about diagnostic tests and your exam this is a false claim act, and they will except whistleblowers!!! GET HIM<

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