need advice on what's next

Author Subject: need advice on what's next
c. alan Posted At 11:33:21 01/24/2001
Hi, first of all I am from Oregon. I broke my hip on the job a little more than a month ago and have had surgury to repair the break. Because of my internal anatomy the docter was only able to use screws rather than a plate and screws meaning a longer recovery and the possibility that the hip won't be a stable as possible. So far the w.comp insurance has paid for everything and has gotten me my disability checks, there have been a few mistakes but they have fixed them. I am close to flat on my back and will be for the next six weeks, then I can slowly begin to put weight back on my leg. I'm not real sure what lies ahead as far as my recovery goes. My question is what does the process hold in store for me? Many people have told me to consult with an attorney for a possible settlement, is this neccessary? Can I even expect a settlement when this is done? I tend to be trusting which I think could cost me in a situation like this. Any advice on what I should expect would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
al Re: need advice on what's next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:30:44 01/26/2001

get a lawyer and document everything. be prepared for anythingn they throw at you and good luck.
Al's right Re: need advice on what's next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:47:58 01/26/2001

Al is absolutely right, you don't know if you will go back to 100%, so its hard to tell what is down the road. What ever you do don't go against your restrictions no matter what, and do get a lawyer just in case.
Good Luck and may you heal quickly and back to 100%.
Wesley N. Howell II Re: need advice on what's next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:34:11 01/26/2001

my name is Wes
I have had to deal with the workmans comp type lawyer and insurance company
for a shoulder injury
Now listen its important that you dont allow your attorney to push for your permanent and
stationary report prematurely. That means your temp benifits stop and you will go on a lesser check
per month. Stay on your temp benifits for as long as possible as they are not deducted from any settlement you are entitled to
And yes get an attorney, but be very selective in picking one. Their usual cut is about 15% and their fees are not deducted from your temp benifits
Also make sure within the settlement any and all future medical is include or ask for continuied medal within the claim.

Good luck

IWIC Re: need advice on what's next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:50:26 04/11/2001

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kathy tidwell Re: need advice on what's next (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:40:33 07/01/2001

Hello, I am writing for my brother. His index finger on his right hand was partially amputated at work. His middle finger and thumb were also injured. His index finger was reattached and he has had several surgeries to repair the damage, but it is basically just there. No use of the finger, the doctor has said he will never be able to lift over 15 pounds with this hand. He has had to learn to write with his left hand. Workman's comp wants to give him $8,000 for his injury. A co-worker got $18,000 for carpal-tunnel syndrome a few months ago. Is this price pretty much the norm for loss of use of a hand. Thanks for any responses. kathy tidwell

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