Since the new OSHA report of RSI's, I have a problem

Author Subject: Since the new OSHA report of RSI's, I have a problem
Getting more information Posted At 15:25:05 01/29/2001
I cant seem to find the old reports that they had at their web-site a few months ago it was easy accessable. It was the reports that showed they know about the different kinds of RSI"S since the 1987? It seems with the new stuff they have at the board about the new laws they are tring to put through these days, the old information data is gone. If it isnt gone and someone knows where to find it.. please let me know, cause I am going to have to go the long way of retreiving this information by contacting "FOIA" Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), all federal agencies are required to make available on the Internet, any records that have been disclosed in response to a FOIA request and which the agency determins have become or are likely to become the subject of subsequent requests. OSHA is providing information listed below in compliance with the law.
Thank you the RSI's informer for a better Oregon and cashiers health.
Nancy Re: Since the new OSHA report of RSI's, I have a problem (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:34:46 01/29/2001

In 1982, Osha requested standards to prevent RSI at congressional hearings. I researched this at a law library and have documentation. For 18 years, legislative bills proposed to pass prevention standards have been politically tossed out or shelved for further study. This was accomplished by Corporate Special Interest Lobbyists whose intentions were to sabotage and obstruct Niosh research. Meanwhile, an epidemic of these preventable injuries has destroyed the health and livelihoods of thousands. Do these working, taxpaying funders of Niosh & Osha have a right to know?? Should they have, at the very least, been informed?? Let's get with it and get real. This is a two-faced democracy, ruled by the powerful corporate special interests. Our tax funded rights have been bought and sold. We are truly pathetic!! Is there any hope?? Unify, consolidate, demand the power with which you have been constitutionally endowed.
IWIC Re: Since the new OSHA report of RSI's, I have a problem (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:47:24 04/11/2001

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