Don't quailify for unemployment extention

Author Subject: Don't quailify for unemployment extention
al Posted At 22:24:13 03/08/2001
I Don't quailify for unemployment extention according to employment office. My fingers were amputated sept 20,99. Revision surgery March 17,00, modified work release july 15,00 and stablized aug 1,00 no position for me now. paid time loss till nov 22,00 of course that was paid back to aug 1,00 when I recived my award. Being off for over a year and no modified work through my employer I guess I was suppose to Go to work for somebody else and not worry about my claim. waiting for my appeal for retraining and my extention for unemployment. I can allways go to work driving a taxi instead of a truck.
Tarzan Re: Don't quailify for unemployment extention (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:30:09 03/09/2001

I hear ya, I've been looking for modified work sence May 98, and frankly, I don't think retraining is going to get you the job.

Unless maybe McDonalds has a opening for a broken down truck driver.

Unless when the pain goes away enough for you to stand driving again, sounds like a case for the Worthless Worker Program, Power Steering, Auto Tarping, Driving a Truck that doesn't need a Tarp, Chains in the winter, hope you can tollerate my sarcastic nature.

Was looking for an excuse to share this one.

Dear Fred

Thank you for your resume and letter of interest regarding employment opportunities, however we are not hiring at this time. For your information, we are a developer not a contractor, and from your letter, may not be what you're looking for.

Another one.

While we feel that you have excellent qualifications, I regret to inform you that we have no positions available at this time for someone with your background. We will keep you resume on file in case an appropriate position becomes available at a later time.

Two days ago, the gal at the Employment office says, why you bugging me, I can't forward a resume, unless it has the qualifications they are asking for.

And as for self employment. The same skills lacking for, modified employment are the ones lacking for self employment, sales, marketing.

And a contractor, developer, builder wants to see your completions, and income over the last 5 years. Any liens, bad credit, minority status, show your employees.

I may be a hell of a lot smarter than Dubya, but that doesn't mean I would make a good President, of coarse I don't think he will be a good President either. The point being, my chances of modified work are about the same as me being elected President.
IWIC Re: Don't quailify for unemployment extention (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:20:49 04/11/2001

We've got this message:

Your help is needed,
Please go to
Sign the petition,bring it to the attention of every injured worker you know,PLEASE DO IT NOW.
Sharon McElroy

If you are interested in, please respond and send this message forward, to whom it may concern. Thank you

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