teacher injured by student and on w.c.

Author Subject: teacher injured by student and on w.c.
Anna Posted At 20:36:29 03/31/2001

I had my thumb broken by a student and a previous back problem reinjured. I was on workman's comp for six weeks and it terminated.
Work comp sent me to a doctor who refused to have me x-rayed. I went
to another doctor on my own who said he needed to get an approval by
w.c. for the x-ray. However, he did place me in a cast-like splint and gave me a prescription for a custom-designed splint. W.C. decided this
was not necessary. I had my own insurance company pay for back treatments -- since I had a back previous injury six years ago -- 3 ruptured discs. I finally got around to seeing a hand surgeon last week
who wishes I had come to him immediately. I have tremendous pain all the
time and constantly take medication. My injury occurred almost three months ago. I have no money coming because my injury was classified as
a temporary partial disability. My employer claims I could return to work.
I teach in a disadvantaged, urban school. My classes are on the third floor and I'm required to walk up and down during different points of the
day. I walk with a cane. I cannot use my right hand at all and I'm right
handed. This means I cannot write on the board, check H.W., assign H.W.,
hold a book in my hand, take attendance, write lessons, write tests, grade
tests and papers, staple papers, cut with scissors, hand out paper, etc.
Quite honestly, I can't even comb my hair or brush my teeth without pain.
Yet W.C. and my employer think that I can teach in a disadvantaged, violent, title 1 school. My students throw books and constantly engage
in physical violence -- and they never get suspended for these acts.
I would have no problem leaving this school for a better position if I
were not disabled from working in this hell-hole. Who would hire a person who can't walk or use their hands. What do I do? Go to work but not work
and just let the students run wild and possibly risk another injury? I need to pay my bills and eat. Could I fight this legally? Doesn't my
employer have to provide a safe work environment, accomodate me for the
injuries -- How? 1) hire someone to carry me upstairs to the third floor
since there are no elevators 2) have someone else do absolutely everything
because I can't do anything. Perhaps, I can be propped up in a corner,
covered in pillows where I can yell "Shut up!" and "Sit down!" all day.
Are there any teachers out there who have been injured in a classroom or
face such daily violence and misbehavior? I feel like I'm all alone.
Mike Re: teacher injured by student and on w.c. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:01:08 04/01/2001

You really need to see a lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tarzan Re: teacher injured by student and on w.c. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:52:50 04/01/2001

Sad fact of the matter, there really is nothing to do.

Do hang on to your insurance, you'll need their lawyers and doctors to fight the dirt-bag insurance company providing worthle$$ comp.

They will line up lawyers and pseudodoctors to say anything they want to hear and get away with it, it's a matter of law.

Maybe Dubya will step up, but I doubt it.

Didn't say where you are, but it is a national delema, if I spelled it right.

If you can't afford to eat, or pay rent, hang on to your teachers insurance, there was a gal on this web site, said her worthle$$ comp carrier denied her claim her private insurance carrier was the same company, and they backed her up, go figure.

One might wonder why you would even want such a job.

You sound stressed out to me, see a doctor, for your mental aspects. Use your private insurance and try to be reimbursed.

And do see a sports doctor for your hand, you don't want to wind up with a fused wrist, because of some pocket doctor.

Another thing that I always seem to run into, when I'm stressed out, my back turns into a knot. Muscle relaxers help, and of coarse I had those cut off to.

Your doctor can retroactively open your claim for 2 weeks, Great Benifit, can close your claim to the day before you where born. So you'll have to wait until your lawyer can real them in, which could take years.

Anything else an intelligent cripple can do until things get better, sell cars??????????????

And your not alone.
Injured Workers' Information Centre Re: teacher injured by student and on w.c. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:18:36 04/11/2001

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