Please help me know my rights! Permanent Disability

Author Subject: Please help me know my rights! Permanent Disability
Larry Pate Posted At 14:33:29 04/11/2001
I am a 54 yr. old electrician who had knee surgery for an on-the-job injury. I have been pronounced "permanent and stationery" by the doctor and told I cannot return to work. The insurance company has rated me "14.5-20%-380 I-27-32%". I have no idea what those numbers mean and who determined them. Furthermore, they said I was only entitled to 132.75 weeks of disability payments at $170/week. If I will release them from further medical treatment liability, they say they will give me $30,000. Since this insurance is supposed to compensate me "for [my] diminished ability to compete in the open labor market," and since I will obviously lose a lot more than $30k by having to start another career, this seems an excessively small amount of money. Can anyone enlighten me about what those ratings mean? Cannot anyone offer advice about what such an injury should be worth to compensate for my losses between now and when I am 65? Thank you for your input!!
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Posted At 14:12:06 04/12/2001

Your permanent disability is estimated with "Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment" issued by AMA (American Medical Association), the most competent source of Medical percentege calculation of impairments.
This book is dificult to get, but you can try if you have any medical library access or you can buy it at: ($ 139)
You can also visit AMA site at:, which is rich in medical information, unfortunately most of them require special access (for profesionalist) but you can read abstracts

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Posted At 02:43:19 04/24/2001

The book is EASY to get. You just have to pay for it, like everyone else!

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