Good Luck, Denise

Author Subject: Good Luck, Denise
Chuck newberry Posted At 17:37:23 07/05/2001
Chicks, if you want the kids start paying up, you must be agreeing with workers
compensation in cutting off the old man from compensation. Thanks for the
information Retired, chicks start supporting the kids your self. This might
help us get are money we need if nobody pays you.Tuff love...

Denise Re: Good Luck, Denise (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:29:55 07/05/2001

Sorry honey, but I was left with a special needs child that needed me to be with him. Would have loved to have been supporting myself completely, but could only do so much. And by the way, no I don't agree with WC cutting the old man off from compensation. I was only saying that it would be awful for a man to have a million dollar home yet try to not pay child support. If YOU wanted the kids(or were willing to risk having the kids), then YOU have to pay up too.
Rick Re: Good Luck, Denise (Ya and screw the injured worker) Your Nuts!!!!!! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:10:35 07/05/2001

What state are you in? Here in California you can't stop anyone from seeing their kids because they don't pay.
And if the DA gets involved they can only take a small % of TTD payment.
The parent that is without the kids shouldn't have to live in poverty because mom wants to stay home for any reason.
My X wife tried to pull this crap, wanted to stay home with the kids, oh they just needed her so much all the time she said to the judge with the dumb DA standing next to her.
Well to make a long story short, she has no kids now, I do, and the judge said I have to stay home any ways so they might as well be with me. Now she has two weeks to get a job and start paying me support.
And I bet you were the one to leave him when he needed you most. Your lucky you don't live in California, you wouldn't see one penny of his money.
Denise Re: Good Luck, Denise (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:18:33 07/06/2001

No actually, he left. Funny thing....he is back after a 5 year separation. You just never know. I know a lot of fathers who don't bother trying to see the kids after a divorce. Luckily mine did want to be involved, and he also wanted to provide as best he could. We both tried to do what was best for our son, which was right. Maybe this is why we are together now. Being the ditched one, it was hard sometimes to let those feelings of resentment go in order to work together as parents, but I'm glad I did manage to get through it.

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