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paul Posted At 12:05:33 07/08/2001
The truth hurts! It may well be there are some honest and conscienteous people working within the system who have tried to provide good service to injured workers, however, the track record and experiences of far too many injured workers who have ended up in the "System," as presented in the Press Democrat series, along with many other similar, but not as good, across the country presents a serious indictment of the insurance industry. When John Grisham's book, the Rainmaker, came out I had some telephone calls from other injured workers saying that it was "their" story. Although Grisham's book is fictional, it is chillingly real in telling how the insurance really operate. I know a woman who ended up in the Workers' Comp system who was a former "defense" attorney. She had a nervous breakdown because she could not reconcile what she was told to do about handling claims versus what the law provided and what her own conscience and morals demanded. She lost a good paying job, got trashed by the system like the people she had been dealing with. She also lost her home and became homeless. How many more people lost their homes and their families because some insurance representative made a decision not to provide lawfull and required workers' comp services? As a member of the board of directors of Compensation Alert, I heard many, many cases similar and worse. Our organization received hundreds of letters and telephone calls from people who were desperate and feeling crazy because they thought they knew they were entitled to medical care and yet it was being denied. Why haven't the honest insurance adjusters and other people in the industry spoken out about what their industry was doing? Why haven't they become part of the solution? Why has all of this gone on for so long and gotten to the point it is a major problem?
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Posted At 18:10:32 07/08/2001

Why is it always the adjusters/carriers fault. I have been in this industry for a long time and have seen as many " problem injured employees" as I have " problem adjusters". I will admit there are some adjusters out there who are overzealous and cause more problems than they serve but as a whole the industry is good. The problems are the statutes and the claimant attorneys. They do everything they can do to make the adjuster life miserable. I just get tired of everyone blaming the adjusters for the problems with the system.
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Posted At 09:02:20 07/12/2001

"I just get tired of everyone blaming the adjusters for the problems with the system."

I could care less about you getting tired of wc people blaiming adjusters for problems. I was injured in 1987, over 14 years ago. My case was found to be PTD, so life benefits are now paid. I have been to over 30 hearings, and it continues today because of denials. The exclusive remidy I see is denial. When I go to hearing I now typically win because I learn the unethical system of wc. I now always have strong supporting medical evidence at hearings, and get granted favoriable decisions only after numerous battles along the way.

If you don't like being blamed, approve legitimate requests. What a change that would be.
db55 Re: workers compensation carriers (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:34:39 07/12/2001

I do not know who wrote the previous post but it wasn't me. That is evident by the fact I have admitted that I am and adjuster and I am not PTD.
To whoever did post this I am glad you are able to win at your hearings. What I am saying is that not all adjusters/carriers treat their injured employees the way you have been treated. I am only asking that you do not categorize us. I for one do approve the legitimate requests that are received as allowable by law. I do not catergorize all claims I receive as fraud. As a matter of fact the majority of my claims are legitmate. I have numerous PTD claims and have gone as far as remodeling bathrooms, purchasing transportation, and modifying homes when medically necessary.
I hope ypur condition improves and keep up the good fight. I hate to hear stories of carriers/adjusters who do not live up to the statutory obligations as required. They are the ones that make the rest of us look bad.

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