Injured workers continued

Author Subject: Injured workers continued
Terry Posted At 23:46:56 07/24/2001
“b” or Cynde’s reply has to be the funniest post I’ve read in days!

She sounds like she’s trying to talk people out of getting legal representation.

She’d have the good people of the United States believe that once an injured worker retains an attorney, they lose their rights.

She want’s us to believe that Workman’s Comp attorneys are the lowest paid and the bottom of the barrel?


On an industry average, the lowest paid attorneys work for the Public Defender or Legal Aid departments.

Attorneys specializing in Workmans Compensation average within the median yearly earnings for all attorneys.

Without an attorney, a good percentage of the injured workers would have nothing.

Without an attorney, I’d be living on the streets with a leg that doesn’t work. I would have no idea of what rights I have nor would I have any hope for my future.

She does make a few good points though. Go to the library or go to the state Workman’s Compensation web site and do some reading. If you mail anything, mail it registered and keep a copy. Though it is best to hand deliver if possible.

One thing she said without saying needs to be addressed.

No Cynde, the world is NOT out to get you.
DEE Re: Injured workers continued (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:24:32 07/25/2001

I completely agree with you Terry. I've been reading the postings before & after this one. You don't need to be a lawyer to know these things, just to have already been through the ringer and bombarded by harassment. It just takes having experienced it all already. I too have been through it in Michigan. W/C harassed me almost to the point of a breakdown & suicide until I retained a lawyer. Then they were not allowed to contact or harass me in any way...they had to go through my lawyer to contact me & became very carefull what they were doing to me & saying. They were forced to go strictly by the book & no more games with my life. The only reason I can think of why someone would be so insistant about not getting a lawyer is if they worked for the insurance company!

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