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August 6, 2002

Candidate as listed by Oregon Secretary of State

Lane Shetterly (REPUBLICAN)

PO BOX 1025
DALLAS, OR 97338
(503)623-8646(H), (503)623-0324(W)
Date filed: Jun 20, 2002 was Nominated
Qualified For Office: Yes
Fax: (503)623-6698
E-Mail: No E-Mail address specified.
Web-Site: No Web-Site address specified.

Many thanks to Lane Shetterly for responding. The candidate did not answer yes, no, or undecided to the questions below. The candidate's response was limited to the quoted comments.

  1. In the 2003 Session, I will work to achieve Guaranteed Fairness for Injured Workers in the Legal Process.
  2. In the 2003 Session, I will work to achieve Getting Injured Workers Back to Safe, Living-wage Work
  3. In the 2003 Session, I will work to achieve Making Insurance Companies Accountable When They Don’t Pay Mandated Benefits to Injured Workers
  4. In the 2003 Session, I will work to achieve Making "Required Medical Exams" Fairer to Injured Workers
  5. In the 2003 Session, I will work to achieve Improving Disability Benefits for Workers Who Can't Return to Work

"Thank you for your letter with your Injured Worker Coalition candidate questionnaire. As a matter of policy, I generally do not respond to questionnaires. As you can imagine, I receive a great number of them, many of which involve complex issues about which I have insufficient background or information to answer without substantial research, for which I do not have the staff or the time. Rather than respond to some questionnaires but not others – which carries its own risks – I have elected as a rule not to respond to questionnaires."

"I have reviewed your questionnaire and your letter, however, to familiarize myself with the issues that are of concern to you and your members. I would be happy to meet with you and your members to discuss your concerns as we head into the next session."

"I am looking forward to continuing our working with you and your members during the coming session as well."

"Thank you again for your letter. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a time to meet."

Linked below is the briefing paper that went out, along with the survey, to all legislative and gubernatorial candidates and mid-term senators.

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