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Posted by Tom L on October 22, 1999 at 11:51:59:

In Reply to: Re: There is more to it than this posted by Terapin on October 21, 1999 at 20:33:16:

Hey terapin

Whats your point terapin! You come to this forum and and nit picking everything that people say.
Their are enough posting at this forum for you to get the Idea that this system in oregon is not working.
So I say again "Whats your point".
Let me tell you what I did to improve the system for 13 fellow worker.

Before I was injured on the job I noticed alot of problems at work concerning safety and health. I talked with my fellow workmates and they started to notice them too, We as concerned employees took this issues up with management and they said that they would look into it, They never did!. After I was injured and returned to work I noticed that these safety and health problems had not been addressed properly. After another surgery and a denied claim I recieved a letter form my attorney saying that my employer didn't want me back because I was a risk to there workmans comp rates, Then i remembered all of the safety and health problems with the urging by fellow employees I called OR-OSHA and told them in detail about the problems at this company concerning safety and health problems, OR-OSHA spent three days at this company monitoring the air quality, Testing paint samples and so on.

This company was hit with 15 safety and health violation including no safety commitee, Here is what the manager said to one of the inspectors when asked about the lack of a safety committee, I quote "We have no safety committee" we never really knew the requirements, but I knew that there was a requirement for a safety committee. And then to make matters worse All of the employees were exposed to lead at 14.1% and cadmium, These two chemicals can be fatal if over exposed, I worked their three years and was never told about the present dangers.

Because of my two work related accidents and the OR-OSHA inspection Saif corp dropped this companys Workmans comp policy because of the many loss time accidents including mine and others that became Ill working for this company. This company had to scramble to cover these employees with W/C and they had to improve their workplace safet and health, Because of my actions I helped to ensure the safety and health for my fellow employees which are good people, They deserve and Healthy and Safe place to work, That is why I contribute so heavily to this forum and work hard to improve a system that considers workers and injured workers as second class citizens. My fellow workmates now have a safer and healther workplace and to ensure that they are able to support their familys.

If this company hadn't taken for granted there employees safety and health It wouldn't have cost them thousands of dollars in fines and safety and health improvements for it's employees when they should have been doing this all along, Now they have to pay more to cover these employess and I feel that what I did was the right thing to do.

If I were a high risk driver I would have to pay alot for auto Insurance, Why should unsafe employers be any different. I am very glad that I helped my to improve the safety and health of the people that I worked with. that is why I am working to Improve the health and welfare for the people that haven't been as fortuante as my fellow employees. I helped to make a difference why don't you terapin, Be constructive not destructive. Because of this OSHA report I am considering a lawsuit because of the negligence of my former employer.

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