denied wages & medical treatment

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Dave Posted At 08:53:23 02/10/2001
I was injured on the job & as a result have severe tendonitis. I have been a carpenter for over 20 years with the same employer. The first visit with the Dr. he told me I had carpal tunnel also. I told this to my employer later that day. The Dr. put me on restrictions of no overhead work & no lifting over 25 lbs. The next weekend I drilled holes in 2x4's for electric work in my home & stopped when my shoulders started to get sore. I told the Dr. this on my next visit & he wrote that down. The insurance company then stopped paying wages & medical saying I reinjuried myself at home. What I did was within the restrictions & also the Dr. said I still showed improvement over my initial visit. Even though the test for carpal tunnel showed severeness I was denied that medical because my employer said she knew nothing about my having a problem with my hand. I did retain an atty. but he seems unconcerned about my having no wages over 3 months. And also that unemployment denied me because after the surgeon said I needed the carpal tunnel surgery I had it Thus I am denied unemployment until the surgeon releases me. My atty also told ME to get statements from the 3 Drs. for the hearing. Any advice on what to ask the Drs.? Thanks
Tarzan Re: denied wages & medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:28:04 02/10/2001

Just be honest, they denie everything, it may take years, and you will never be able to get whats fair.

Just be glad the carpal tunnel thing isn't forever.

The tendonitis is another thing, nothing like having tendons snap over bone.

Ice Heat Compression

Does the employer have modified work?
Thats what your paying your attorney for Re: denied wages & medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:18:09 02/11/2001

Tell your attorney that it is his job to get the statements from your doctors. If he doesn't I would start looking for another, he doesn't have your best interest at heart.
I sounds like a second opinion from a new doctor may help, the other doctor doesn't sound like he's playing for your side, just because he wrote down a confidence between you and he, and the insurance has used it against you.Some doctors are right in the insurance companies pockets, and just lay in wait for someone like you.
Remember what you say is almost always turned around to be held against you, and no matter what stick with your restrictions everywhere, and don't go overboard on other things either, just because you can do something for 5 minutes and someone takes a picture doesn't mean you can do it for 4 or 8 hours, but a picture of you doing it has no time limit.
If I were you I would use the don't tell more than asked rule, that way it can't be turned against you.
Just remember your injury occured before you did your work at home, but if your attorney is telling you to do his work that is a huge RED FLAG, so if anything call an ombudsman in your state and they can help you find out what you need to do, and make sure they aren't doing something they are not.
The Ombudsman is there to inform you of your rights and to watch the insurance company to make sure they abide by them. Good Luck!
Old Timer Re: denied wages & medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:33:21 02/11/2001

I agree that you need to tell your attorney immediately to request the medical notes from any doctors involved. If there is any hesitation on the attorney's part, then stop dealing with them and contact another "qualified" workers comp attorney ASAP. Don't waste or lose time in doing this. Time really is of the essence here.

Secondly, do contact your state workers comp ombudsman. Whether or not you fire your present attorney, getting in touch with the ombudsman will give you the honest, un-biased truth about your rights and about the applicable laws. Also, they can hopefully direct you to others who may be of asistance in getting your case handled properly. I have had to contact my ombudsman a couple of times in the last year or so and have always gotten prompt, positive answers and results from my dealings with them.

Good luck! I hope that you don't waste any time and don't let anyone else waste your time.
Old Timer

Bill Silverstein Re: denied wages & medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:34:10 03/08/2001

See about disability insurance. Do you have a disability policy?
I did, but it did not cover work related injuries.

After I unemployment denied me, claiming it's from my computing at home,
not work, I used that denial to apply for disability. Where they asked
if it's work related, I said "Yes, but they denied it." I ended up getting
paid both disability and workers comp.

The insurance company saves money if you starve to death. See if there
is a penalty for a bad faith denial.
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Posted At 23:41:31 04/11/2001

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