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al Posted At 14:08:20 07/05/2000
Saw my doctor today and he said he was going to let me go, and tell Ins. company they could set me up for Independent medicial exam. what will this consist of and what will do I need to look forward to? Do I need to take my file on injury?
Zoe Re: Independent Medicial Exams (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:18:22 07/06/2000


I saw my IME last week - just answer everything honestly and don't offer up any information that isn't specifically requested. I had bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery performed on both hands - due to the medication and to my hands still being mostly asleep - I'm not supposed to drive. My "driver" never showed up for the appointment - I was forced to drive myself or miss the appt. I really didn't feel taking a cab was necessary.
My IME made a big deal out of the fact that I was able to "drive myself" if I really needed to. He must have spent 10 minutes writing this up on the report that I managed to make it in driving a 5-speed. He then proceeded to bend and twist my hands and arms in numerous positions, asking "does this hurt?". He also wanted speicfic answers to several questions such as why hadn't I tried certain medications and why wasn't a second nerve conduction test performed on my arms. How would I know????

You're also supposed to be able to get a copy of the report once the IME has completed it. I requested a copy and have yet to receive it. I'm going to stay on this request though. I really want to see what this fellow ended up putting in his report.

Good luck!

You don't need to take a thing to the exam - your insurance company that set up the appt. should be competent enough to fax your information.
al Re: Independent Medicial Exams (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:36:18 07/06/2000

Thanks Zoe, this is all new to me. had previous injury years ago, appears as thought the system has changed for the worse. Have had a Lawyer sence the start(they had 3 diffrent address for ins carrier) and I have copys of everything (reports of surgery, therapy,ect) THANKS AGAIN
Tarzan Re: Independent Medicial Exams (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:58:23 07/06/2000

Remember to take a watch, check the time you go in. When you go into the examination room. And when you come out.

Take a note pad and leave it in your truck, or car, as soon as you get out, write down every thing you can remember about your conversation, and what the pseudoctor did.

Put it in a nice neat format for your doctor, and your lawyer, and pass the information on. Also Maria Carraher, the Omsbudsman in Salem.

Keep notes on all that goes on, even give your doctor, a note concerning what you want to tell him, it's easy to get side tracked in an exam, also the addrenaline is flowing so your pain won't be as intense.

Be smart as you can be, the lawyers for the otherside won't miss anything.
Joannie B. Re: Independent Medicial Exams (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:13:44 07/06/2000

There is a posting just down the board from Del, posted on June 28,2000 that has all the info you could need on preparing for an IME. The most important thing is not to give them any information you are not specifically asked to give. Keep your answers short, honest, and to the point. They twist your words to get the meaning they want, the fewer words they have to work with, the better.
Good luck!

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