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There are several dozen more examples of fraud here.
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file.gif 35_Years_Waiting.htm Injured in 1962, Bob Manning still hasn’t received a penny in the nearly $2 million in awards he’s entitled to from the New York state Workers’ Compensation Board.
file.gif Albertson's_&_WC_Claims.htm More than 4,000 statements attest to employees fear of retaliation involving Albertson's policy of docking managers' bonuses when employees of their stores file worker's compensation claims.
file.gif Albertson's_discourages_claims.txt A federal judge is urged to give thousands of current and former Albertson's Inc. employees the chance to join a lawsuit alleging unfair labor practices by the supermarket.
file.gif Benefits_Denied_to_Lion's_Utley.htm For years, Liberty Mutual refused to pay for treatment for Michael Utley, a quadriplegic and former Detroit Lion player, by fighting with court filings and depositions.
file.gif Comp_Fraud,_The_Real_Story.html It says, "The real question is not why there is so much claimant fraud, but why there is so little. A system that leaves injured workers in poverty invites abuse." Print a .pdf version here.
file.gif Employer_&_Insurer_Fraud.htm Even though insurers admit employer fraud is as much or a greater occurance, California district attorneys reported that out of 1,505 investigations they conducted in fiscal year 1995-1996, 1,220 were workers and 88 were employers.
file.gif Hartford_Settles_12M_Lawsuit.html Five insurers and the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), an industry group, conspired to charge excessive workers compensation rates, bill for rates that were not filed with the state insurance department, and conspired to fix premium prices, a class action suit states.
file.gif Ins._Agents_Commit_Fraud.txt Examples provided of insurance agents convicted of fraud.
file.gif Lobbyist_Bribes_Legislator.htm Clayton Jackson, the lead California lobbyist for the American Insurance Association (AIA) and considered the chief legislative strategist to most of the insurance industry is convicted of bribing the chairman of the California Senate Insurance Committee.
file.gif OR_WC_System_Abuse_1998.html According to DCBS, the most frequent complaints received were improper processing by the insurer or medical provider (32%), worker collecting workers’ compensation benefits when working or able to work (28%), and employer pressure not to file a claim (17%).
file.gif Oregon_Fraud_Investigations.html This article discusses how employers and insurers both can be investigated for workers' comp fraud.
file.gif The_Next_Assualt_on_WC.htm It says, "The presumption of widespread claimant fraud is a tool used by employers to undermine the validity of the workers' compensation system and pave the way for draconian restrictions in eligibility and massive cuts in benefits."
file.gif Vale_Man_Sentenced.htm A Vale man is sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to pay $2,778 in restitution to SAIF Corporation for workers’ compensation fraud.
file.gif Wausau_Lawyer.htm

An attorney working for Wausau Insurance Co. is accused of altering an illegally recorded tape and attempting to get endorsement of a $51,000 check from Wausau for attendant care that never took place in an attempt to give the impression that a worker and his attorney were committing workers' compensation fraud.

file.gif  Work_Comp_Fraud_a_Problem.html  This article reports that even though some insurers have said up to 30 percent of workers compensation claims are fraudulent, California insurers are reporting fraud in less than 1% of claims. Worker advocates say the anti-fraud program unfairly targets injured workers.
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