Saif returns another 80 million to employers

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Posted by Sick of the lies on September 23, 1999 at 12:34:04:

More than 41,000 eligible Oregon employers, both public and private
will share in an $80 million dividend declared by Saif Corp's Board of Directors.

Saif claims that they are able to pay this dividend for several reasons, Including Saif's success
in getting Injured Workers back to productive lives. "Alot of us are not living the productive lives
that Saif Corp claims that we are living".
This 80 million is on top of the 50 million that was paid to employers earlier this year.

Kathrine Keen President and CEO of Saif Corp said "We know from talking to our policyholders that our dividends
have been used to improve safety programs, offset increases in health care costs and, in the case of school districts
and other public employers, to mitigate "INCREASES IN LOCAL TAXES". These results reinforce the power of Saif's mission
to reduce both the human and financial costs of workplace accidents and injuries. Because we are successful
the Employers and workers of Oregon will benefit.

As you know Associated Oregon Industries has under it's protection more that 16,000 small business including
1500 larger business. They recieve 2.5% of the dividens that each of it's members business recieve's from Saif.
AOI has made sure that a large percentage of these business buys it workers compensation insurance from Saif Corp.
Along with the contract that was uncovered back in April of this year between Saif Corp and AOI netting AOI
more than 2.3million in bonus money for their lobbying efforts to manuiplate the Oregon Legislature, This payout
should net AOI untold million. No matter how you word it, The only Oregonians that are benefiting from this dividend
payout are the Business under AOI's direction.

The employers that recieve this payout do not put the money into their safety and health programs, They apply it to their
Bottom Line, and the only thing the workers recieve are Tee-Shirts with their company logo's printed on them.

If you have been injured on the job in this state and if it is of a serious nature, You will be forced to go to IME's
for the sole purpose of denying your W/C claim, and then you will have to go through the denial and litigation process
at your expense, This process can take years to resolve. The Insurance company can "Starve you out" by delaying you time loss
checks, The W/C carrier will pay for Private Investiagtors to spy on you hoping to catch you.

The Prefered Worker Program that Saif has is nothing but a sign to prospective employer that you are an Injured worker and
a risk to their bottom line. I know because my employer at the time of my injury didn't want me back because I was a risk.
I was forced to live under the Exclusive Remedey laws that protect the employer from lawsuits and take what the Insurance
company offers.
Is this the liveability that you are enjoying by living in Oregon.
You will be "Starved Out", Given a card that markes you as an Injured Worker, Your credit is destroyed, You will lose your home
that you have worked for, You will lose cars by reposession because you can't afford to pay you payment on %66.2/3 of you base
wages. You will be forced to go to repeated IME examines just so they can say that your job was not the cause of your injury.
while the Insurance company give thousands of dollars to the IME to fraud your claim.

This is what your life will be like if you have suffered a serious Injurey in Oregon.
Lets work to change this climate in Oregon.

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