Methylene Chloride Exposure

Author Subject: Methylene Chloride Exposure
Rich Posted At 23:56:22 06/27/2001
I was exposed to Methylene Chloride at work and I'm having serious health problems.My company will not let me work(I'm unable to anyway) with my doctor's restrictions and sent me home on medical leave.I have an attorney and we are waiting for a court date(company is denying me workerscomp).I was wondering if anyone had any information on chemical exposures,treatment,specialist or toxicologist?Thank You
Tom Re: Methylene Chloride Exposure (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:33:37 06/28/2001

You might find the information you are looking for on the toxicology webpage of the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at Oregon Health Sciences University. This site also has an information request form you can use:
Del Information Services Re: Methylene Chloride Exposure (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:05:42 06/28/2001

You don't say what state you're in for a doctor. After visiting the excellent site above try these. (Adobe Acrobat file) (Look at PowerPoint Presentations at end too) (Has a list of places to contact for additional info at end) (Using Methylene Chloride in their search engine found things) (A must read!!) (Dozens of links and search engines to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). (Report on diagnosis and treatment of patients exposed to chemicals) (AMA - Includes a search for physician by specialty)
Del Information Services Re: Methylene Chloride Exposure Information (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:31:37 06/28/2001

Here are support groups and links. (Chemical Injury Information Network) (Has several dozen links) Lists books and resources. Includes "Chemical Injury and the Court: A Litigation Guide for Clients and their Attorneys by Linda Price King" with contact info)

Oregon Ecobuilding Network is a group in Oregon that does exellent work. Its members include workers exposed to chemicals. Contact info is at

You should also visit this site's "Medical Links" and "Related Groups" pages from the main page. You can also sign up to receive the injuredworker newsletter from the main page.
Rich Re: Methylene Chloride Exposure (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:59:10 06/28/2001

Thank You for the information I will read all of it.The first exposure was over a year ago and there were more after that because my company wouldn't move me to another building per my oncologist request.I have been very sick since the first exposure abnormal blood counts(low),fatigue,aching,shortness of breath,chest pain,weak,lightheaded,hands shaking and trouble concentrating and making quick decisions(driving).After three bonemarrow bioposy's my oncologist thought I had Myelodysplastic Syndrome and was wanting to do a bonemarrow transplant but first he wanted a second opinion and sent me to the Mayo clinic who after another bioposy wasn't 100% sure if I had Myelo.Syndrome "at this time" and to keep monitering my blood counts monthly until something changes.My neurologist is trying different medications for my daily headaches but Lortab is the only one to help so far.Sorry this is so long,has anyone heard of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?I just found it last night under chemical exposures it seems to me this might be what I have because no doctors can give me a diagnosis at this time,again Thanks.
Retired Re: Methylene Chloride Exposure (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:57:30 06/29/2001

Like I already tried to INFORM most of you people, If you are hurt on the JOB" you do "NOT" want to HIRE a LAWYER! the company you work for will
Immediately denied your claim. The very second you hire a lawyer
YOUR saying a THIRD PARTY IS @ fault (NOT YOUR EMPLOYER) Get the facts before you hire a (Lawyer) NO WAY is a third party @ fault 99.9
percent of the time. The lawyer you hired is not going to say either way he only wants to help the insurance company drop your stupid claim...!

P.S. So as long as you do NOT hire a lawyer the insurance company will only give you what you deserve unless your negligent then you still get nothing...! SO the
story goes only ONLY" hire a lawyer if you know for sure someone else caused your injury....!
Old Timer Re: Methylene Chloride Exposure (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:13:12 06/29/2001

Get off it and quit putting out your slanted incorrect and misleading information. I have no idea why you insist on harping on attorneys, but I for one, and I've been in the system for over 20 years, would recommend that everyone with a serious, disabling injury retain an attorney. Just to protect your rights. How many people know the comp laws when they get hurt? Practically no one, thats who. If you seriously believe that insurers are going to take care of you and are looking out for your best interests, you have either been seriously and horribly misguided or you are in step with the insurers. It can't be anythng else because you make no sense at all. The insurers have attorneys, why wouldn't you? The employers have attorneys, why wouldn't you? There is no out-of-pocket expenses generally in comp cases and if you don't have a case, the attorney will advise you of your options.

I don't know who you are, but you have written too many misleading items and need to get educated or quit posting. You do a disservice to newly injured workers, no matter how serious their ijuries may be.
Old Timer

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