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C. Strouse Posted At 11:29:43 05/28/2000
To all injured workers Dateline will be airing Monday night another show on employees committing worker comp fraud. Please e-mail these people in protest, they are not representing the true facts of the situation.
Del Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:31:38 05/28/2000

C. Strouse
There must have been 3-4 commecials in just the last few hours. The show is on NBC at eight o'clock.

E-mail Dateline NBC and tell them the truth.

Here's what I sent:

I see Dateline is running commercials about a segment on workers' comp fraud for Monday. How many is this now? Have ANY of your previous expose' even touched upon fraud by employers, state government, or workers' comp insurance providers? I think not! Injured workers are fed up with being maligned by steady streams of shows that ignore the overwhelming monitory costs of workers' comp fraud.
Don't believe me! Ask insurance companies to show you their internal reports. They prove about 1% claimant fraud, not the up to 30% they publicly claim. You can also visit:

Consumer Reports, Feb 2000
WI File Library
Articles include:
Comp Fraud, The Real Story,_The_Real_Story.html
The Next Assault on Workers' Comp
The Hartford Settles Lawsuit for $12 Million

To look at how the Oregon Workers' Comp System works, visit and

I'm curious and would appreciate an answer on these observations.

To show video footage of an injured worker, don't you need permission of the insurance company? They own it, not the PI.
What percentage of your advertising revenue comes from employers? (companies with employees)
How about all insurance companies combined?
Are you still owned by GE Electric?

I could never believe that Dateline is regularly airing these shows for its own economic enhancement. But perhaps to relieve suspicions from some of a "conflict-of-interest," perhaps Dateline could start each of these "one-sided editorials with an objective disclaimer. When the walls come crashing down on insurance companies, (it's already started) it would erase any future stigma in regards to Dateline having been a puppet for the propaganda machine of the United States and Canadian insurance industry.

You may contact me at if you should ever decide to change corporate policy and report both sides of a story that negatively effects 100's of thousands of our citizens each year.

(My name, address, & phone # was inserted here)
Del Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:38:55 05/28/2000

Here's where to write to them and some other info.

If you have a specific story suggestion please send it to:

Dateline NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112


Also, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I order a transcripts?

TRANSCRIPTS: Transcripts for NBC News Programs are available for purchase through the Burrell Transcript Service by calling 1-800-777-TEXT.

How do I order a video?

VIDEO TAPES: Only selected segments of our news magazines are available on VHS cassette. For information call: 1-800-420-2626.
C. Strouse Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:31:51 05/29/2000

Also found out on another wc board, Extra televised a worker compensaiton fraud segment on May 19, 2000. The commentator quoted injured workers commit 20 to 30% fradulent cases. What??? I cannot believe my ears, when I have done research on the subject and it is 2-3% nationwide, he might have the injured workers and emplyers/incurance cartel confused with each other. there e-mail addy if, then click on "Extra Wants you", You can also read the story they aired priot commenting, it is under archives, or just press home and you will find it undr 5/17/2000.
C. Strouse
C. Strouse Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:59:21 05/30/2000

Received reply back today from the show Extra.

I recieved your E! mail about workers comp. Please give me a call at

F. Shannon Fenady

C. Strouse

BobK Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:26:10 06/01/2000

In regard to the story that appeared on the syndicated TV show EXTRA!,
I made the post at prairielaw that is referenced above. I just want to correct
one thing. I was careless when I said that studies show workers' comp claimant
fraud at 2% to 3%, not 20% to 30%. My memory was bad. The actual numbers
for claimant fraud are less than 1%, according to studies in California and
Wisconsin. If anyone believes the 2% to 3% fraud figures because of my
mistake, I'm sorry.

For alot more info, see my post at
C Dosch Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:29:27 06/04/2000

Dear C Strouse,
I too have sent an e-mail to Dateline over 3 months ago regarding the "real" injured workers instead of always seeing shows about folks who rip off the company.
I worked for a company for almost 20 years and was terminated in July 1998 because of 3 surgeries, 2 for carpel tunnel and one for trigger finger. No one in my department would help me, workers comp certainly didn't and neither did my attorney. Because of my injury I have lost the use of my hands and am unable to work and am on Social Security Disability. I did not just lose the use of my hands but my way of life. If I had lied just one time about my case I would have been in big trouble. However it seems to be okay for my attorney, the doctors and workers comp to go right over the truth. I saw a pain phsycologist for over a year and can honestly say he is the only one who truly helped me to deal with my pain and my life now. So I truly support you about the so called 30% of people who rip off their employer. No one ever seems to want to know about the folks who have truly lost alot.
I did miss the show but I have seen others like it and I will be sending another e-mail to Dateline. Good Luck!

C Dosch
R. Sartor Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 05:26:48 07/20/2000

I agree with what your saying, but what are we going to do about it should we have a million injured workers march to the White house at let them see what they are doing to the people of the USA and to bring out the real issues of the injured and make them come forth and make a change for the better we need to get the attention of the media some way. I can say I don't have all the answers but I have alot of good ideals, we can talk about it all we want but the fact of the matter is until we stand up to big brother theres nothing going to be done. So heres what we need to do just like they had the million mom narch we need have the million injured works march, we need to make sure that this doesn't pull every fruadulent person out of the wood works also it needs to be people who have real issues I would like to take part in this since I to am one of many who are injured and need help in my fight not only to get better but also to recover any loses I'm not looking to get rich off this but just to be recompensated for what has been taken from me do to employers poor judgement s on not letting me go to the Doctors when I ask to go do to getting hurt on the job and do to the workers comp insurances companys not allowing me to get the help I needed from the Doctors which it might have not made my injury as bad as it is today. if you what to get involed the send info on how to get started or even leads and I'll try to put thing together we all need to work this out as one to get the ball rolling and make the insurance companys pay back what they have taken from us all their getting rich off us all (injured workers million man and women march ) lets all make a difference Richard W. Sartor
patricia gallagher Re: Dateline (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:01:17 02/28/2001

Dear C Strouse,
My name is patricia gallagher, who resides out in delaware county, pa.
well sorry I miss your special regarding people ripping the workers compensation (fraud) issue back in 5/2200, i was looking for something else and bingo i came accross this article, well my story is somewhat different see I got hurt back in 1988, I was sexually harrassed by the owner of the company, and thrown against the wall in the office, by the brother of the owner. I want and called police in work, took me and made out a police report told them, I never expected to get hurt like this, especially in an office. yes I do secretarial work all kinds of office work, I worked for the company for 4 years, only missed one day of work to.
the owner trying to kiss me, putting his hand on place that shouldn't, so i reported him to the human relations committee, and in retaliation his brother twisted my wrist and threw me against the wall, I want to see a psychiatrist regarding what happen to me. it was very upsetting to me, and yet to learned i had a herniated, from all this, well I had an attoney want in front of law judge, they awarded me 6 months of back pay.
I got sued for the hospital bill that didn't get paid, lost my house, my husband, and my son committed suicide, the insurance companys doctors tells the law judge it didn't affect me at all getting sexually harrassed and thrown against the wall, and I didn't have a herniated disc. so i lost everything, i follow for appeals up until 1999. Want to Governors Ridges office they did nothing either, State Attorney Generals office, nothing
then I called the insurance company and told them, they should pay my bills from the first day I got hurt, what did they do file harrassement charges against me, for calling about my medical bills, want to court told the judge, I had an attorney with me. told the judge about everything in the meantime the insurance lawyers were laughing, and i told the insurance attorneys off, and thats when i got contemt of court, well in the end they threw everything out, that was a scare tatic for me, from the insurance company, i lost all the money I saved, because it took 3 years to 6 months back wages, now i m on social security so who pays for this you do, you pay taxes for workmens compensation fraud,
thanks again
patricia gallagher

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