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Medical Links

We've categorized types of illness and injury below. Many general information Web sites also have information about the categorized items and vice-versa.

A WORD OF WARNING. The Internet is full of sites that are geared to sell "quick fixes" for an injury (carpal tunnel, injured ankle, injured back, injured knee, injured neck, etc.). Don't be misled. A qualified physician is your best hope for proper advice and care.

Consumer Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration - Health Related
Full text versions of the best federal consumer publications available here. View them for FREE or purchase printed copies at their online ordering site.
Healthfinder™ is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government. healthfinder™ can lead you to selected online publications, clearinghouses, databases, web sites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable information for the public.
Randale C. Sechrest, MD, Orthopedic Patient Education Supersite
The Orthopaedic Patient Education Collection pages provide informative information including drawings on injuries such as those involving the shoulders, hip, knee, foot and ankle, and cumulative trauma disorders.
disABILITY Information and Resources
This page has over 130 links to web sites relating to disabilities. They also have an extensive list of newsgroups and a excellent search engine. This is the most thorough links page I've every seen.
Houston Academy of Medicine - Texas Medical Center Library
HAM-TMC helps you quickly access the best of the Internet. Their links lead to Web pages devoted to medicine and health-related topics. Areas they cover including : Associations & Societies, Consumer Health, Medical Education, Pharmacology, and there's also a Search HAM-TMC page.
American Medical Association (AMA)
Search for a physician or check for information on your own doctor or an IME. The info here is very limited. Use their "doctor finder" feature to do so. The American Medical Association (AMA) is a professional association of physicians and medical students dedicated to the health of America. AMA Physician Select provides information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States and its possessions, including more than 650,000 doctors of medicine (MD) and doctors of osteopathy or osteopathic medicine (DO). All physician credential data have been verified for accuracy and authenticated by accrediting agencies, medical schools, residency training programs, licensing and certifying boards, and other data sources.
Chronic Pain
American Pain Society
The mission of the APS is to serve people in pain by advancing research, education, treatment and professional practice. As a multidisciplinary education and scientific organizations, APS recognizes that these goals can be best accomplished by a joint and interactive effort among basic scientists and healthcare professionals. APS is a not-for-profit membership society and welcomes broad participation from all disciplines.
DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy
Online library of articles, reasearch papers, books, and essays on drug-related issues.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
Hamilton Healthcare
Injured Workers' Alliance has worked with them since the late 90's on injured worker issues including respiratory disease and chemical sensitivity. Contact them through their online form to learn dates and times of meetings in the Portland, Oregon area. They provide lots of information about health issues through meetings and an email newsletter you can sign up for here, Hamilton Healthcare also carries the best brands of HEPA activated carbon-zeolite air filters, along with water purifiers.
Spinal Cord Injury
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
The Spinal Cord Injury Association was established in 1948 and has many chapters throughout the United States. Their Web site has an enormous amount of information. Learn about NSCIA here.
The SPINAL CORD Injury Information Network
An incredibly huge amount of reference information relating to spinal cord injury (SCI).
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury
You'll find a huge amount of information here on Repetitive Strain Injury to the hands and arms. The author goes into great detail about injuries caused from the use of computer keyboards and mice. Info includes: What is RSI, What are the Symptoms, and How do I prevent it. There are also several links to books and related sites.
Cornell University Ergonomics Web
Presents information from Ergonomics research studies and class work by students and faculty of the university. They focus on ways to enhance usability by improving the ergonomic design of hardware, software, and workplaces, to enhance people's comfort, performance and health.
Prescription Drugs
RXList - The Internet Drug Index
A comprehensive on-line drug name cross-index.
Suicide Prevention
The American Association of Suicidology
The American Association of Suicidology is dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide. AAS promotes research, public awareness programs, education and training for professionals and volunteers. In addition, it serves as a national clearinghouse for information on suicide.
Suicide Awareness: Voices of Education (SA\VE)
The #1 cause of suicide is untreated depression. The mission of SA\VE is to educate about suicide and to speak for suicide survivors. SA\VE has several articles on this subject and will send you them by e-mail at no charge.
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