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Injured Workers' Alliance Site Map

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folder.gif Worker Assistance
  |-closed.gif Injured Worker Ombudsman (Oregon)
  |-closed.gif Medical Information (Over 3 Dozen)
  |-closed.gif Government Programs
  |-closed.gif Other Advocates
  |-closed.gif Social Security Advisory Service
  |-closed.gif Preferred Worker Program
  |-closed.gif Job Match for Preferred Workers
  |-closed.gif Discount Coupons

folder.gif Washington Injured Worker Info
  |-closed.gif Citizens Representing Citizens

folder.gif Workers' Comp Information
  |-closed.gif Claim Closure and Beyond
  |-closed.gif Oregon Workers' Compensation Terms
  |-closed.gif Worker's Comp. at
  |-closed.gif Court TV's Legal Cafe: Worker's Compensation
  |-closed.gif What is Ergonomics?

folder.gif Government Info, Contact, and Links
  |-closed.gif Government Websites
  |-closed.gif Oregon's Governor
  |-closed.gif Oregon Legislature on Workers' Compensation
  |-closed.gif Contact State Representatives
  |-closed.gif Contact State Senators
  |-closed.gif Contact Workers' Comp Officials
  |-closed.gif Management-Labor Advisory Committee
  |-closed.gif State Employee Search Form

folder.gif Media Contact List
  |-closed.gif Oregon Newspapers
  |-closed.gif Oregon Television Stations
  |-closed.gif Oregon Radio Stations

folder.gif Legal Resources
  |-closed.gif Links and Search Tools
  |-closed.gif 2002 Court Rulings
  |-open.gif How to Choose a Lawyer
  |-open.gif Who to Choose and Who to Avoid

folder.gif Independent Medical Examinations
  |-closed.gif Legislative Reforms of 2005
  |-closed.gif Worker-Requested Medical Examination
  |-closed.gif Passing the Medical Exam
  |-closed.gif Advice for Insurance Claimants
  |-closed.gif Independent Medical Examinations
  |-closed.gif Yes Virginia, There Are Medical Whores
  |-closed.gif Doctors for Sale!

folder.gif Search Engines
  |-closed.gif IWA Site Search

folder.gif Additional IWA Web Pages
  |-closed.gif Home Page
  |-closed.gif About Us
  |-closed.gif Help
  |-closed.gif IWA's Page of Shame
  |-closed.gif Insurance Fraud: Workers' Comp & More

folder.gif Injured Worker Newsletter
  |-closed.gif Subscribe to IWA's E-Mail Updates

folder.gif Message Forums
  |-closed.gif Current Injured Worker Message Forum
  |-closed.gif Message Forum August 2001 to February 2005
  |-closed.gif Message Forum December 1999 to August 2001
  |-closed.gif Message Forum October 1998 to December 1999

folder.gif Other Permanent Web Pages
  |-closed.gif Smothers v Gresham Transfer, Inc.
  |-closed.gif Oregon Workers' Comp Premium Declines
  |-closed.gif Workers' Compensation Fraud, The Real Story
  |-closed.gif 1999 Oregon Legislative Session
  |-closed.gif Associated Oregon Industries on WC (1998)
  |-closed.gif A Patient's Bill of Rights
  |-closed.gif The Next Assault on Workers' Comp
  |-closed.gif HB 3538: Relating to Permanent Disability
  |-closed.gif Umatilla Chemical Depot:An Ill Wind

folder.gif Injured Worker Coalition Legislator Survey
  |-closed.gif Which State Legislator's Support Fairness in WC?

This list doesn't include additional internal pages linked from those above.

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oregon workers compensation
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